What is Whistleblowing?

If you are a federal employee, it makes sense you would one day come across a situation in which you believe illegal activity is occurring--whether it be a waste of funds, abuse of authority, mismanagement, threat to public health and safety, etc. In such scenarios, it would be best for you to report anything you see in the name of upholding your moral code and keeping people responsible.This is known as whistleblowing. 

However, in doing so, you may experience some form of retaliation such as changes in your duty, denial of a promotion, unsupported disciplinary actions, or even getting fired. If any of these took place after whistleblowing, you will need to enlist in the help of our DC federal employment Attorneys of John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorneys at Law.

In order to prevent any undue retaliation, the Whistleblower Protection Act protects federal employees for any disclosures made in which the employee believes are reasonable violations of any law, rule, or regulation. This is why our legal team will do everything in our power to advocate for your rights as a federal employee, and we strive to ensure you are protected, advised, and guided throughout the entire legal process.

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