Federal Employee Hires Surge Heading into February 2021

Recently, federal employee hires saw a significant surge, as government offices and agencies across the country brought on new employees to fill a wide range of positions. What does it mean for current and new federal employees? Today, we're exploring what these new hires could imply about the rest of the year, and what it says about the health of the federal workforce right now.

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What's in Store for The Rest of 2021?

With a new presidential administration in the White House, it's very likely that a significant hiring surge awaits federal agencies as the year continues to progress.

Under the Trump administration, the federal workplace saw a lot of changes. In his first year in office, President Trump cut 13,000 federal jobs. Additionally, the administration imposed multiple pieces of legislation - occasionally through executive orders - that made it easier to fire federal employees, especially at certain levels of the government. Trump also proposed a pay raise, with an equivalent cut to retirement benefits for government workers.

In recent years, the size of the federal workforce has only continued to grow, even under Republican presidents such as President Trump, who may advocate for small government. That trend may very well continue throughout the Biden administration, for a few reasons.

The IRS Is Short Staffed

It's hardly a secret that the IRS is short-staffed, and not by a small amount either. As we start to move into the 2021 tax season, you can probably expect to see a dramatic hiring surge for the agency.

With Americans filing taxes by the hundreds of millions and the possibility of more tax-based government stimulus packages in the future, it's highly likely that the IRS will get a significant hiring surge as we draw closer to tax season.

COVID-19-Related Spending Concerns Curb

It may not just be the IRS that sees a hiring surge. In 2020, as tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs due to the pandemic, officials at the state and federal levels started worrying about the economic viability of hiring more workers.

However, with vaccines hopefully releasing soon, the federal government may feel the need to spark another hiring surge as state and federal budgets increase, and agencies need more workers to combat Americans returning to their "normal" lives by the droves, putting more stress on state and federal infrastructure.

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