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Inspector General Complaints

Guiding Clients Through IG Investigations and IG Complaints

Your Agency’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducts and oversees audits and investigations involving accusations of Prohibited Personnel Practices (PPP) or other federal employee misconduct. Whether you are filing an OIG complaint or are the target of an OIG investigation, you likely need qualified legal experience or a skilled defense after accusations of misconduct. John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorneys at Law, and our team of federal employment lawyers are here to help you regardless of where in the world you serve as a federal employee.

The Office of Inspector General investigates complaints such as:

Our law firm has substantial experience and skill guiding clients through IG investigations and IG complaints. We are well-versed in the procedures, the rules, and the possible outcomes that federal employees can face. No matter what grade or what agency you belong to, we are ready to provide effective and caring representation.

Employer Retaliation After Filing an IG Complaint

It is unlawful for any federal agency employer to retaliate against a federal employee for filing a complaint, grievance, or appeal. If you are facing retaliation in the form of harassment, demotion, termination, or other personnel or adverse action, our attorneys can help you seek legal remedies and hold your employer accountable for its misconduct.

Defending Employees Facing Inspector General Investigations

Agents employed by your agency’s Office of Inspector General have a duty to uncover wrongdoing by employees. These law enforcement agents are focused on finding evidence to justify disciplinary action against someone, and you may be their target. It is critical that you have an attorney guide you through the investigation and interview process to avoid incriminating yourself.

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