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Blog Posts in April, 2018

  • Can I File a Defamation Lawsuit Against My Former Employer?

    Defamation occurs when a person makes an intentionally false statement which harms another. It is considered a personal injury, meaning you may be eligible for damages for both financial losses and emotional distress. When a statement is made orally, it is called slander. By contrast, a written statement is called libel. In a job context, the defendant is often an employer or a former employer. ...
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  • How to Document Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment in the workplace—whether federal or not—is a huge problem. Every year, thousands of incidents are reported. But, unfortunately, many more incidents occur without notice because the victims are afraid to take action. Who will believe their story? How will they prove their case in the courtroom? The main issue for many sexual harassment victims is that they think that they’re all ...
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