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Blog Posts in November, 2018

  • Can You Get Fired from Off-Duty Misconduct?

    Whether it’s getting arrested for a drunk driving over the weekend or posting something offensive on social media, it is possible for federal agencies to discipline employees due to misconduct that occurs outside office hours, depending on the circumstances of each case. Keep in mind, federal employers must determine a connection between an employee’s actions outside of office hours and how they ...
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  • What to Do If Hostile Working Conditions Affect Your Mental Health

    While many people often think of on-the-job injuries as physical (i.e. back injuries, repetitive stress injuries, broken bones, etc.), psychological injuries can be just as devastating. Some jobs are so stressful that they have an impact on an employee’s mental health. When it comes to the federal sector, an employee subject to a hostile environment in the workplace can develop or aggravate the ...
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