• I put my full faith and trust
    Attorney Mahoney personally handled my case and set my mind completely at ease. Attorney Mahoney is savvy and professional. He knows the tricks that the government plays and how to counteract them. I put my full faith and trust in the John Mahoney Law Firm.

    - Aaron

  • Give John and his team a call.
    Spoke with John Mahoney, discussed the details of my circumstances and situation outlining an entire years of issues and updated him on the recent retaliation situation. John, apologized, quickly going to work with next steps, timelines, best practices moving forward. Following our discussion I further experienced a greater degree of issues telling me my firm had no intentions of resolving the issues. There is only one action left bring John and his team on. Give John and his team a call.

    - Brian T.

  • Would definitely recommend.
    Melissa is very knowledgeable and compassionate! Would definitely recommend.

    - Anonymous

  • Exceptional Legal Representation
    Ms. Lolotai demonstrated exceptional knowledge of Civil Service Law in representing me in an Equal Opportunity Complaint regarding a position classification appeal. She has the practical application experience to conduct settlement agreements and successfully represented me in securing a negotiated settlement and avoiding lengthy litigation.

    - Joe

  • Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Responsive…
    I sought legal representation from multiple firms for a complicated clearance revocation, whistleblower, and EEO case. My research revealed that few attorneys in the DC area have successfully handled cases with such complexities. My initial consultation with Mr. Mahoney reassured me that he had the experience and expertise I needed. No federal civil servant wants to face such matters, especially at the end of their career. But if you do, it’s critically important to have the best legal guidance and support. I’m confident that Mr. Mahoney is the best choice for me.

    - James

  • Very knowledgeable
    The initial consultation with Mr. Mahoney was very insightful and and eye opening. He was very patient and knowledgeable and quickly put me at ease about the process and the potential outcomes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr. Mahoney to any of my family or friends.

    - John

  • I would highly recommend Mr. Mahoney
    After having a Consult with Mr. Mahoney, I felt a huge relief. He was very pleasant and attentive to my concerns. He advised me of certain things I needed to start accomplishing prior to me hiring him as my Attorney. I wish I had Business Cards, because I would give them out to all Federal Employees, who may need assistance. I would highly recommend Mr. Mahoney and his Law Firm to any Federal Employee who is seeking advisement regarding a Federal matter.

    - Cathy

  • Thanks again your outstanding work in representing me

    I am emailing to thank you for the exceptional representation in addressing the proposed letter of suspension issued to me. Your meticulous review of the supplied statements, affidavits and Navy instructions led to a carefully prepared and comprehensive written response to the proposed suspension issued on my behalf. As a result, the proposed letter of suspension was dismissed.

    Thanks again your outstanding work in representing me. I look forward to working with you further to pursue compensation for monetary/emotional damages caused by this unsubstantiated proposed letter of suspension.

    - Kevin

  • Excellent legal service

    I would like to provide a testimonial regarding the excellent legal service I received. The level of professionalism and expertise demonstrated by Ayodele Afolabi Olosunde was outstanding. From the initial consultation to the resolution of my case, I was consistently impressed with their knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication.

    Ayodele Afolabi Olosunde was highly responsive and communicative throughout the entire process. He took the time to thoroughly understand my situation and provided clear explanations of the legal processes involved. I felt well-informed and confident in his ability to handle my case.

    Furthermore, Ayodele Afolabi Olosunde exhibited exceptional analytical skills and strategic thinking. He carefully evaluated the complexities of my case, identified potential challenges, and developed a solid legal strategy. His meticulous preparation and thorough research were evident in his argument and presentation.

    I also greatly appreciated Ayodele Afolabi Olosunde empathy and understanding. Dealing with legal matters can be overwhelming and stressful, but the he provided a compassionate approach that helped alleviate my concerns. He genuinely cared about my well-being and fought tirelessly to protect my rights and interests as a federal civilian employee.

    Ultimately, the legal service I received resulted in a favorable outcome. I firmly believe that the expertise and dedication of Ayodele Afolabi Olosunde played a significant role in achieving this result. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of exceptional legal representation as a federal civilian employee that needs legal counsel.

    In summary, the legal service I received was exemplary. Ayodele Afolabi Olosunde professionalism, expertise, and dedication was evident throughout the entire process. I am grateful for his guidance and support and would definitely recommend his services to others in need of legal assistance.

    - Anonymous

  • I have faith in Mr. Mahoney
    I was referred by colleagues who used Mr. Mahoney's services. I was also impressed by the awards the firm received and the ratings are pretty good. I had consult with Mr. Mahoney. I was very satisfied with the consult. I ended up hiring Mr. Mahoney. I have faith in Mr. Mahoney that he will receive a favorable decision for me. I will update the conclusion of the case. Thanks!

    - Anonymous

  • I'm in! Consultation was AMAZING!
    My consultation with Mr. Mahoney was amazing! I immediately retained his services. He is knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and honest. Some attorneys tell you what you want to hear; he told me what I needed to hear! He explained regulations and case law in expert detail. I'm in!

    - Anonymous

  • I am confident that they are looking out for my best interests
    I had almost given up on my EEOC case until I reached out to Attorney Mahoney, and he promptly responded to my consult request at 8 p.m. He thanked me for my service to our country. He said his firm would be honored to represent me. I could not believe it. My discovery was ending in approximately 2 weeks, yet he was still willing to consult on my case. During our consultation, Attorney Mahoney was more than generous with his time. His consultation was well over an hour and a half with no mention of additional fees for going over my case. He was personable, empathetic and had a unique way of making me relax under such stressful circumstances. He presented my options and was forthcoming. He was willing to step into a case that was so poorly handled and unsure if it was even salvageable. I appreciated his honesty and knew this firm was my last hope. All I can say is if you need help with a federal agency case, please do not waste your time or money on any other attorney. You must call this firm. Attorney McEntire and Attorney Mahoney are well versed in federal employment law. Attorney McEntire has remained focused on meeting discovery deadlines and filing motions. I am confident that they are looking out for my best interests and cannot thank them enough for guiding me through this difficult process. Although I do not have a conclusion to my case, I am now confident that I have two attorneys who are looking out for my best interest.

    - Anonymous

  • Mr. Mahoney was recommended by one of his previous clients
    Mr. Mahoney was recommended by one of his previous clients, who had a successful outcome. My initial consultation with him far exceeded my expectations. When you are experiencing distressful bureaucratic situations, it is difficult to think clearly and procedurally. Mr. Mahoney's initial consultation (in non-legal jargon) offered an incredible opportunity to unpack and uncomplicate the legal process while exploring actionable options for further consideration.

    - Henry D.

  • Thank you, to Mr. Matthew Estes and JP Mahoney Law Firm.
    Mr. Matthew Estes was a is an accomplished attorney. He is knowledgeable as a legal counsel on federal labor laws. He was able to guide me through each step of the legal process regarding my case. I especially want to point out that Matthew showed both empathy and sympathy through the entire process. He was professional and invested the entire time, which is a major plus for me. Thank you, to Mr. Matthew Estes and JP Mahoney Law Firm.

    - Anonymous

  • He is clearly exceptionally well versed in federal employment law
    I was quite surprised when my initial consultation was conducted by Mr. Mahoney himself rather than a supporting attorney at his firm. He is clearly exceptionally well versed in federal employment law and quickly understood the basic elements of my specific EEO case. He clearly articulated alternatives and possible outcomes and explained the process and associated fees for obtaining his firm as formal counsel to represent me. I did not take this as being focused on money, but rather a good consideration of transparency for clients. He was personable, patient and honest in addressing expectations. Although we are at the beginning of the process Mr. Mahoney gave me confidence that my interests will be well served by him and his proven staff.

    - Craig A.

  • Very confident at initial consultation
    Mr. Mahoney is the greatest federal employment attorney I have ever worked with. At the first meeting, I can tell he is a top expert in federal employment law. He explained all of my case with possibility and answered all questions I had. He also has great communication skills which makes him easy to believe. I hope he can take my case, and look forward to working with him.

    - David

  • I’ve had nothing less than a phenomenal experience
    First impression is everlasting and I must say that I’ve had nothing less than a phenomenal experience thus far. Mr. Mahoney is very professional, responsive, and thorough. He made sure all of my questions and concerns were addressed, and provided valuable feedback. His knowledge and experience is exceptional and it’s quite evident, which is why I’m confident that I made the right decision in retaining his counsel without any hesitation. I would highly recommend to anyone seriously seeking top notch representation.

    - D. L.

  • Highly recommended
    Thank you for your dedication and professionalism.
    Highly recommended, thorough detailed information to be able to make a decision to move forward.

    - Bethania D.

  • Great encounter!
    Had a great experience talking with Mr Mahoney. He is very direct and knowledgeable. He listened to my needs and what I thought. He was not pushy. I’m thankful a friend recommended his firm. If anyone is being harassed in the work place do something about it. I look forward to working with him moving forward
  • He was very knowledgeable.
    During the initial consultation, Mr. Mahoney explained everything to me about things that could happen and what I should expect. He was very knowledgeable. I retained them to represent me. Praying for a good outcome.

    - C.K.