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John Mahoney, Esq., Attorneys at Law, is a Top Rated Washington, DC lawyer with a nationwide focus specializing in representing federal employees, unions, employee associations, contractors, and agencies in federal employment law cases, employment discrimination cases, whistleblower retaliation complaints, MSPB appeals, EEO complaints, EEOC Cases, OFO appeals, OSC complaints, agency or Congressional conduct investigations, performance cases, proposed disciplinary actions, IG complaints, and security clearance appeals, throughout the USA and around the world. We are the attorneys for federal employees. Your attorneys for federal employee EEO cases/complaints, and your MSPB attorneys.

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Attorney Mahoney's Commentary Quoted Extensively in Recent cyberFEDS®Article:

" Federal employees deserve prompt answers from the administration about the impact, both during the deferral period prior to Dec. 31, 2020, as well as next year when those deferred taxes will likely be due to be paid. (September 22)”

By Anjali Patel, Esq., cyberFEDS® Legal Editor Washington Bureau

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Tragic loss for our Nation and the cause of Civil Rights. Justice Ginsburg was a Giant in the law and a true Champion for the idea of Equal Justice Under Law. She will be sorely missed on the U.S. Supreme Court and her legacy will be eternal. May she Rest In Peace.