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Blog Posts in 2019

  • What Should I Avoid Talking About at My Federal Workplace?

    Topics of Discussion and Their Legalities Common topics of concern are religion, sexual orientation, wages, or political stance. Each one is unique is its limitations and protection regarding conversations in the workplace. Concerns about what you can and cannot talk about at work are warranted, especially when so many people are facing discipline for things that were of no concern years ago. As ...
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  • “Me Too” Complaints and the Federal Employment System

    Federal Employment Managers Should Follow Strict Guidelines In the wake of the “Me Too” movement’s initial explosion, employees can only hope that management and employers stop discrimination and harassment in its tracks, knowing that tolerance is at an all-time low, but that is not the case realistically. Harassment is commonplace in federal workplaces, according to a study in 2018 that showed ...
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  • What to Know About Federal Disability Retirement

    Federal Employment Advantages Federal Disability Retirement is a benefit advantage that many federal employees do not consider at the time of hiring. One of the greatest advantages of the FERS system is that you can find part time or more suitable work for your disability even if you are receiving FERS benefits. You are not required to be wholly disabled to receive benefits. In addition, you can ...
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  • Hatch Act Violations and Social Media

    Could You Be in Violation? As accessibility and instant communication increase speed daily, the chances of making a mistake grow exponentially. As a federal employee, it is imperative to think twice before sharing anything publicly, whether a late-night thought or an enthusiastic repost from a friend or celebrity. Unfortunately, social media platforms make is alarmingly easy to violate the Hatch ...
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