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  • How to Document Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment in the workplace—whether federal or not—is a huge problem. Every year, thousands of incidents are reported. But, unfortunately, many more incidents occur without notice because the victims are afraid to take action. Who will believe their story? How will they prove their case in the courtroom? The main issue for many sexual harassment victims is that they think that they’re all ...
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  • Federal Employee Investigations: What to Expect & How to React

    Places of federal employment are typically quite strict when it comes to following regulations and codes of conduct. Any sort of deviation from acceptable standards will be questionable, and egregious violations could even trigger a federal employee investigation conducted by the parent agency. A federal agency may decide to start an investigations due to reports of: Discrimination against a ...
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  • What to Do After Receiving Proposed Disciplinary Action

    If you are a federal employee who has been subject to investigation and have received a proposed disciplinary action, our DC federal employment attorneys of John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law want to help you respond. This is a critical circumstance, and it is essential you plan your next few steps accordingly. As a federal employee in this particular situation, you may be facing demotion, ...
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  • Common Types of Federal Employment Investigations

    Federal employment investigations are conducted by federal agencies to determine if disciplinary or adverse actions are necessary. If you are under investigation, you must cooperate and provide any information that is required. You should also obtain experienced legal assistance, as the security of your job could be at stake. Our federal employment attorney in D.C. has guided hundreds of clients ...
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  • What is a Congressional Conduct Investigation?

    Congress has immense legislative powers and thorough control over how politicians and federal government employees behave professionally. Although there is nothing within the Constitution of the United States that explicitly gives Congress the ability to investigate potential wrongdoings, it possesses this ability all the same due to its inherent purpose. When Congress decides to look into ...
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  • What Exactly Is "Conduct Unbecoming a Federal Employee?"

    When a federal employee is accused of misconduct, an investigation will be conducted before deciding whether or not disciplinary action will be taken. These investigations can be related to a wide range of alleged violations, including discrimination , negligence, harassment, poor management, or misuse of funds. Federal agencies oftentimes use the legal net of “conduct unbecoming a federal ...
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