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  • What to Do If Hostile Working Conditions Affect Your Mental Health

    While many people often think of on-the-job injuries as physical (i.e. back injuries, repetitive stress injuries, broken bones, etc.), psychological injuries can be just as devastating. Some jobs are so stressful that they have an impact on an employee’s mental health. When it comes to the federal sector, an employee subject to a hostile environment in the workplace can develop or aggravate the ...
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  • Are Employee Posts on Social Media Protected by Federal Labor Laws?

    Social media has become an essential part of our daily lives. Whether it’s sharing photos of your vacation or staying updated with current events, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter enables to interact with the world like never before. Sometimes, however, social media activity can also get you fired. It is not uncommon for an angry employee to post something negative ...
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  • Can I File a Defamation Lawsuit Against My Former Employer?

    Defamation occurs when a person makes an intentionally false statement which harms another. It is considered a personal injury, meaning you may be eligible for damages for both financial losses and emotional distress. When a statement is made orally, it is called slander. By contrast, a written statement is called libel. In a job context, the defendant is often an employer or a former employer. ...
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  • What Facts Do I Need to Know About Whistleblower Cases?

    If you are aware of someone who has defrauded the government or violated labor laws, you should consider becoming a whistleblower. Becoming a whistle blower is not only the ethical thing to do, but you might also be substantially rewarded for making corruption and fraud known to the public. There are numerous protections and incentives place to encourage people to report any questionable actions ...
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  • 3 Federal Laws Employees Need to Know About

    Many of the rights that employees enjoy today came into place because of the efforts made by workers’ rights protesters back in the 19th century and the early days of our industrialized economy. Before this, holidays were unheard of, and both children and adults slaved away for more than 16 hours a day, slept in work houses on factory property, and were barely fed enough food to keep themselves ...
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  • How EEOC Complaints Work

    If you plan to file a formal complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) , you will need to do so within 15 days after you have been given notice from your EEO Counselor about how to file. This notice should be sent after you have had a final interview with the EEO Counselor. The complaint has to be filed at the same EEO office that you received counseling from. The ...
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  • What Are My Rights as a Whistleblower?

    A person is considered a "whistleblower" if they report a violation of the law by their employer. There are legal protections in place to help protect the rights of workers who report their employer’s workplace violations or discriminatory practices. The federal government and states have laws which protect whistleblowers from unjust retaliation for filing a claim or reporting their employer’s ...
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  • 5 of the Most Common Employment Complaints

    Employers have the responsibility of always following state- and federal-level employment laws and regulations, as well as taking reasonable steps to ensure their employees do as well. When the regulations and expectations are not followed and met, the result can be a serious legal issue that leads to an official complaint. Most complaints can be categorized as an Equal Employment Opportunity ...
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