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Mistakes to Avoid When Filing an EEO Complaint

If you’ve experienced workplace discrimination, it’s important to understand the process for filing an EEO complaint. Unfortunately, when working on their own, many people make avoidable mistakes that can hurt their case. In this blog, our top-rated, award-winning EEO complaint attorneys at The Law Firm of John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorneys at Law, PLLC discuss some of the most common mistakes made when filing a federal employee EEO complaint. We will also explain why having a federal employment attorney by your side is crucial to your case.

Filing On Your Own

One avoidable mistake is not consulting an experienced federal employee EEO complaint attorney early in the process. Many people try to navigate the federal government’s EEO complaint process on their own without understanding all the paperwork and deadlines involved, which may lead to mistakes that could have easily been avoided with the help of an experienced attorney. A trusted attorney will be by your side throughout the process and available to answer any questions you may have or point your case in the right direction.

Not Understanding How the Process Works

Another common mistake is not fully understanding the federal government’s EEO complaint process and how your complaint is investigated. Contrary to popular belief, federal employees must first file a complaint with the EEO office within their federal agency, not the EEOC itself. If you go straight to the EEOC, you might be unable to file your complaint.

An experienced EEO attorney will explain how the federal government’s EEO complaint process works and outline what you can expect from your case. They will share what you should do if you wish to seek an appeal and discuss the timeline involved and any deadlines you may be facing.

Not Being Prepared

One final mistake to avoid is not being prepared for your case. While retaining an experienced federal employment attorney is a great first step to filing your complaint, it doesn’t mean that you’re ready for filing. As you bear the burden of proving your EEO complaint by preponderant evidence, you may need to work with your attorney to ensure your complaint includes all important information and prepare for what you should do after your complaint is filed. An experienced EEO attorney will help you prepare for every step of the process to present your best case and get the outcome you deserve.

Defend Your Rights & Your Career

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