What to Do if You Are Being Harassed at Work

Harassment in a workplace can happen anywhere, regardless of the type of work you do or the establishment or size of the company you work for. Moreover, harassment can cover a vast range of behaviors, including verbal, psychological, and sexual harassment, to name a few. Unfortunately, many victims of harassment in the workplace do not always know what sort of actions to take to protect themselves and, in some cases, leave their job or simply remain silent.

As uncomfortable and challenging as this situation may be, it is crucial to take the proper steps to report it. Continue reading to learn what you should do if you are being harassed at work.

Reporting Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as misconduct that can include offensive slurs, jokes, name-calling, physical assault or threats, intimidation, mockery, ridicule, put-downs, offensive pictures or objects, and interference with one’s work performance. The harasser can be anyone from a victim’s supervisor to another co-worker or even a non-employee. Moreover, the victim does not have to be the individual who is being harassed. It can be anyone who was affected by this misconduct.

Generally, human resource departments are designed to provide assistance to employees when they are being harassed or discriminated against in the workplace and many employers have formal policies for reporting harassment. That said, management might not satisfactorily handle your case and, under these circumstances, you should seek legal representation to handle your case.

At this time, you should also avoid complaining to your co-workers. Keep in mind that your colleagues do not have the power to change the situation and this will likely convolute your case if they are required to testify. You should also avoid any form of retaliation since this can further complicate and escalate the matter.

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