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When Should I Consider Pursuing Federal Disability Retirement?

When facing a disability or medical condition that prevents you from performing efficient government service at least for the next year, you may be concerned about how you can continue to retain your federal income and health benefits. For many career federal employees, this disability or medical condition may prompt the need for disability retirement or at least a leave of absence until a later date. Our federal disability retirement attorneys at The Law Firm of John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorneys at Law, PLLC share what federal employees should know about the federal disability retirement benefits available to them.

What Is Federal Employee Disability Retirement?

Federal employee disability retirement includes benefits granted to federal employees who are unable to continue their employment for at least the next year as a result of an off-duty disability or illness sustained while a federal employee. The benefits included are similar in structure to typical federal employee retirement, but often are granted before the federal employee is fully vested at retirement age.

How Am I Eligible?

Employees who can file for federal disability retirement benefits must qualify under a strict set of guidelines and pursue these benefits within one year of their separation from their federal employment.

Federal employees are eligible to apply for federal disability retirement if:

● They have been a federal employee for at least 18 months,

● They became disabled as a result of an off-duty illness or injury while employed by the federal government,

● The disability is expected to last at least one year,

● The employee’s disability prevents them from performing efficient government service,

● Their agency is unable to accommodate their disability and the agency has evidence of being unable to accommodate their needs,

● They apply for these benefits and submit their application to their employing agency or to the Office of Personnel Management directly within one year of leaving their position, and

● They also apply for social security disability benefits.

How Do I Pursue These Benefits?

If you apply for disability retirement benefits and your application is initially denied by OPM, you should retain a trusted federal employment attorney with experience in federal disability retirement cases to timely request OPM reconsideration.

Top-Rated, Award-Winning Federal Employment Attorneys

The experienced team of federal employment attorneys at The Law Firm of John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorneys at Law, PLLC understands that seeking federal disability retirement benefits can be a physically and emotionally taxing process. Our attorneys have guided countless clients through this same process and understand the approach needed to reach your best outcome and obtain disability retirement benefits.

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