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Can I Use a Personal Phone or Computer For My Position?

With the availability of teleworking for federal employees, there is the opportunity to use devices and tools that may not be available in your office or by your agency. While it may be convenient to use your own personal computer and other devices, our federal employment attorneys share what you should understand when teleworking as a federal employee.

When Teleworking

The ability to use a personally owned phone, computer, or another personal device when teleworking is largely up to your individual federal agency and the equipment they provide you with. While your agency may give you a laptop to telework from, they may not offer a printer or other accessories you may desire for your comfort, such as monitors, a keyboard, or a mouse. When teleworking, it is essential to follow your agency’s guidelines.

If Your Employer Provides Equipment

If your federal employer does provide you with equipment to use for telework, it is highly advised to use that equipment instead of using your own personally owned devices. Your employer may only provide vital equipment, such as a laptop, but not additional resources. In certain cases, you may need to provide these items on your own or you may be able to request reimbursement for these items.

Always coordinate with your agency your purchase and use of personally owned equipment in advance before doing so.

If Your Employer Does Not Provide Equipment

If your federal employer does not issue equipment for telework use but does approve you to telework, you may be able to use your personal devices to work, but only if your agency approves that use. While using your personal devices, take care to focus on your work during your scheduled employment hours, as it is easy to become distracted when working on your personal devices.

Implications on Security

While you may like your personal computer more than the one provided by your agency, using personal equipment may bring security risks, especially if you work in a position where you handle classified information. If you work alongside classified information, make sure to ask your employer for their permission and guidelines if and when you would prefer working on personal devices while handling this sensitive information. Any violation of your agency’s specific rules can result in severe consequences and the need for a federal employment attorney.

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Working from home can be more efficient, effective, and rewarding, as you cut the commute and spend more time with your family or devote yourself to your hobbies once your work hours are over. Our federal employment attorneys are here to help you if you come across any employment issues while teleworking.

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