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Do I Have to Disclose My Pregnancy At A Federal Employment Interview?

When interviewing for a new position within a federal agency, you may be unsure what you are legally required to disclose. For pregnant individuals, revealing a pregnancy may mean revealing information about your personal life or pregnancy before you feel ready to. Our top-rated, award-winning federal employment attorneys share if pregnancies need to be disclosed at federal employment interviews.

Disclosure of Pregnancy

While at an interview, you are not legally obligated to disclose your pregnancy, even if your pregnancy is visible to the interviewer or others at the interview. Pregnancy can often be a personal and sensitive subject that you may not wish to discuss during your job interview for a federal employment position, so you do have the right not to discuss your pregnancy with others when seeking employment. However, if you wish to disclose your pregnancy during the interview, you are also legally entitled to do so, but it can lead to pregnancy discrimination.

Your prospective federal agency employer is allowed to ask if you are currently pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Still, these questions are highly discouraged as they can open the door to pregnancy discrimination. If you are asked if you are currently pregnant or plan to become pregnant in an interview, you can answer the question, or you do have the right to explain that you do not wish to disclose if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Those who are pregnant may face discrimination in the workplace as a result of their pregnancy, which is an unlawful practice. If you disclose a pregnancy during your interview, the interviewer cannot pass up your application solely due to your pregnancy; instead, they must have another reason not to hire you.

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