Hatch Act Violations and Social Media

Could You Be in Violation?

As accessibility and instant communication increase speed daily, the chances of making a mistake grow exponentially.  As a federal employee, it is imperative to think twice before sharing anything publicly, whether a late-night thought or an enthusiastic repost from a friend or celebrity. Unfortunately, social media platforms make is alarmingly easy to violate the Hatch Act.

The Hatch Act is a federal law that prohibits specific government employees from taking part in political activity such as holding public office while employed in a covered government job, managing a political campaign, or attempting to influence another person’s vote either way. With recent amendments, the law’s guidelines have changed allowing for a less stringent application but more specified penalties.

If you are unsure if your behavior or actions are in violation of the Hatch Act, or you are accused of violation, it is imperative that you contact our Washington DC federal employment advocates at John P. Mahoney Esq., Attorneys at Law. 

Social Media Violations

Social media and digital communication create limitless opportunities to reach people, more than any other form of communication.  If you are a federal employee and you share emails, posts, tweets, or images from a personal device while on the clock, or from a work device such as your desk computer, everything you say in those communications is subject to examination. This makes it extremely important to be discerning with what kinds of messages you are expressing. 

Ways to violate the Hatch Act via digital communication include:

  • Emails that express your position on a candidate
  • Photos that express siding with or against a candidate
  • Posts or Tweets that are political in nature
  • Soliciting contributions for a political party via social media or email
  • Using an alias to engage in political activity online, while at work
  • Reposting or sharing a person’s political post
  • Using a politically charged image for a profile picture
  • Liking a post or image regarding a political candidate or topic while on the clock

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