What to Know About Federal Disability Retirement

Federal Employment Advantages

Federal Disability Retirement is a benefit advantage that many federal employees do not consider at the time of hiring.  One of the greatest advantages of the FERS system is that you can find part time or more suitable work for your disability even if you are receiving FERS benefits.  You are not required to be wholly disabled to receive benefits.  In addition, you can receive up to 80% of your salary at time of retirement.

The federal disability system can be difficult to navigate and understand for employees who are not familiar with it.  If you are seeking federal disability retirement, let our team of Washington DC attorneys help you with your enrollment application and provide legal advice as you move through the process.

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3 Guidelines for Enrollment

To ensure that your enrollment is accepted, you should follow a few rules of thumb in filing, including:

  • Don’t wait to file: You must apply for FERS benefits while still employed at your federal place of employment. You can work while the application process takes place. Keep in mind that the process takes 6-8 months, so if you know that your disability will last at least a year, file immediately. Your medical condition does not have to be work related but to receive benefits, you must be able to prove that your position cannot accommodate your medical condition and that they are unable to reassign you to a comparable position with similar wages.
  • Present your case in a professional manner: Present evidence that is specific and affirmative from your doctor or set of doctors.  Be sure to ask outright for their recommendation of disability and be clear from the start in communications with your doctor.  Medical documentation is the best evidence for your case.
  • Do not assume: Be clear with your doctor and all advising medical staff that you will need their help in filing for federal disability retirement.  Do not assume that they will comply or that they will be involved with your case.  The requirements are stringent so be upfront with your needs.

Your Federal Disability Retirement Team in DC

If you are suffering from an injury or medical condition that impacts your ability to do your job as a federal employee, you may be eligible for federal disability retirement. Our team of Washington, DC lawyers can help you determine if you qualify for FERS benefits and if so, to what extent.  Let us help you reach the best outcome possible so that you can focus on your health and wellbeing. 

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