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I Was Denied a Federal Security Clearance Over a Speeding Ticket. What Do I Do?

For many federal employees, their position requires them to obtain a security clearance to perform their full duties. If a federal employee is denied or loses their security clearance due to a personal incident or minor traffic violation, they will be unable to complete their duties as assigned and potentially even lose their job. However, security clearance loss or denial does not mean the immediate loss of a job; instead, there is an appeals process where federal employees may try and appeal for a security clearance with the guidance of an experienced federal law attorney.

Denial of Security Clearance

While you are in the process of applying for a security clearance, your personal and professional lives will be vetted to ensure that you are trustworthy and able to obtain the relevant information to the class of your clearance. In this vetting process, any traffic tickets or other violations will be uncovered, your friends and family interviewed, and you will be interviewed. If a behavior or incident arises that does not meet the standards of a federal employee with a security clearance, you may be denied a clearance.

Common reasons for clearance denial include:

  • Traffic and speeding violations
  • Unreasonable debt
  • Gambling addiction
  • Prior arrests
  • Domestic abuse charges
  • The investigated person not passing a background check
  • Lying during the background investigation

Our Security Clearance Appeals Attorneys

If you have been denied a security clearance and your position requires one to complete its duties, you will be notified of your denial and the reason for denial. Along with your notification of denial, you will be provided with the process for filing an appeal if your circumstances deem appropriate.

Once notified of a security clearance denial, contact a trusted federal employment attorney who can discuss your security clearance appeal case with you and build a path forward. Together, you can create a case that will address why you were denied the clearance and fight for your security clearance and continued employment in your current position. Make sure to bring all relevant information and documentation to your initial consultation so that your attorneys can create a full-scope case and continue with your appeal.

If you are a federal employee and were denied your federal security clearance, call our federal employment attorneys today to discuss your case and the appeals process. Contact us online or call us at (202) 350-3881 to schedule your consultation.