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3 Things Not To Do In The Federal Workplace

Working as a federal employee comes with its own unique set of laws, rules, and regulations that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It’s essential to understand the professional behavior expected in a federal workplace and to adhere to these guidelines so that you can succeed in your federal career.

Using Your Federal Equipment for Personal Use

It's important to remember that your federal equipment is for work-related activities only. Sending emails about non-work related activities such as personal events, family matters, or even sending emails to your attorneys, should be done from personal devices such as cell phones or from a home computer.

Additionally, if you are accessing sensitive information via a work device, make sure that you are in a secure location and not entering passwords into public devices or locations where someone else could gain access to them.

Logging Into Personal Accounts on Federal Property

Using your personal social media accounts, email, and other accounts on federal equipment or on federal property may only be allowed for reasonable use. This includes logging into personal accounts or websites such as social media accounts, bank accounts, and more. Nevertheless, to keep yourself safe and out of trouble, avoid using government property for personal activities, even during breaks or free time.

Fundraising in the Federal Workplace

Fundraising of any kind is entirely off-limits in the federal workplace. This includes selling Girl Scout Cookies or other fundraising efforts their children or families may be participating in, absent approval of agency management.

While it may seem like an innocent activity, it still counts as fundraising and could lead to disciplinary action taken against you by your employer. To be safe, save all fundraising activities for after-work hours or on weekends away from the office premises altogether.

Protecting Your Rights & Your Federal Career

Remembering what not to do at work is just as important as knowing what you should do at work. As a federal employee, it is essential to abide by specific guidelines when it comes to behavior in the workplace - including avoiding logging into personal accounts on government property, using your federal equipment for personal use, and fundraising while at work - so that you can remain successful throughout your career at your federal agency.

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