Defending Federal Employees from Disciplinary Action

Defending Federal Employees from Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action is meant to keep workplaces safe; unfortunately, some employers use disciplinary actions to get rid of people they label as “problematic.” Due to the discrepancy in power between federal employees and their employers, many workers accept disciplinary actions without fighting. However, attorney John P. Mahoney, Esq. is here to show federal employees that defense against disciplinary action is possible!

Defending Yourself Against Disciplinary Action


Time is crucial when fighting against a proposed disciplinary action. It’s much easier to fight an action while you still hold the status of employee. However, even if you lose your employment status as a result of disciplinary action, a federal employment legal representative could still help you fight for your case!


If you receive a disciplinary action from an employer, it’s important you gather evidence relating to the case. A knowledgeable attorney will want to know about every aspect of your case and taking care to document the situation can help your lawyer create the best defense for your action.


The best defense against your disciplinary action is to consult with a federal employment law firm as soon as possible. Talking with an attorney will give you perspective on your case, giving you the hope you need to put up a stiff fight. Our firm offers phone consultations for all potential clients, which means you can learn about your options at no cost to you!

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