What Are the Signs of Age Discrimination at Work?

Man talking on mobile phone while looking at a tablet.Although it is illegal for employers to discriminate against employees because of their age, this form of discrimination, unfortunately, is a serious issue in workplaces throughout the country. Often, age discrimination has less to do with an older employee’s ability to do their job well and has more to do with the higher salary that these employees are paid when compared to young workers just entering the job market. As a result, older employees tend to be the first ones fired or laid off when a company needs to downsize.

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Common Signs of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Age discrimination comes in many forms, from subtle comments to blatant abuse and termination. The following are common signs of age discrimination you should be aware of:


Employers sometimes believe the stereotype that older workers become less competent as they age. Some might assume an older employee isn’t tech-savvy while others might think they can no longer meet the physical demands of their job. If you are stereotyped because you are older than other employees, you can file a claim for age discrimination.


Has your boss been making your life at work miserable now that you are older? Do you think they are deliberately doing this to get you to quit? It is illegal for employers and coworkers to harass you or taunt you because of your age.


Do younger employees at work always get the best assignments or equipment? Does your boss punish you for things that younger workers get away with? Has a younger employee been given a promotion even though you have more experience and qualifications? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have a claim for age discrimination.

Poor Performance Review

If you used to get better performance reviews when you were younger, but your work habits are still the same, you might be able to file a claim for age discrimination.