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  • John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law

    Competent Attorney

    Mr. Mahoney and his team were very instrumental in resolving my agency’s proposed removal action. Once I engaged his services, the team actively worked on my case and kept me abreast of all developments. His knowledge of federal employment law and employee rights led to the successful outcome of my case . I highly recommend John Mahoney .


  • John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law

    Dear Attorney Mahoney, I carefully listened to your recent Federal News Radio interview. You have professionally highlighted the significant atrocities inflicted upon the federal employees, specifically whistleblowers, unionists, outspoken, and those who stand for the common good. You are a true advocate for all the victims of such practices and you stand as the "best between two equals". Thanks again. Nothing at last is sacred, but the integrity of your own mind" ~ Emerson With all the best, Cordially, ~ Client "EK," 1 DOD Employee Marina, CA

    Client "EK," 1 DOD Employee

  • John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law

    Excellent EEO Representation

    I would like to thank Attorney Lisa Windsor for her excellent representation during my disability discrimination case. After being subjected to disability discrimination and a hostile work environment for 2 years, I contacted a local attorney who would not take my case because they believed that EEO cases are too difficult to win. I then contacted Attorney John Mahoney and Attorney Windsor took on my case and secured an excellent settlement for me through mediation. The end result was better than anything I was expecting, and I am very grateful for Attorney Windsor’s professional, knowledgeable, and timely representation.

    DoD Employee

    Kittery, ME

  • John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law

    Without John on my side, I believe the result could have been much different.

    When my agency placed me on indefinite administrative leave after 29 years of service, my first reaction, after the initial shock, was to find a lawyer who knew federal employee law. Later, when they proposed to fire me, John Mahoney’s knowledge and experience with federal agencies was invaluable in successfully resolving my case. I was able to get a very favorable settlement and avoid a protracted, expensive legal battle. With John’s calm guidance, I provided a strong response, including an IG complaint for whistleblower retaliation. After two years on administrative leave, I returned to work with a clean personnel record, fully successful evaluations, and my legal bills paid by the agency. I could not have asked for a better settlement. Without John on my side, I believe the result could have been much different.

    Federal Employee


  • John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law

    Mr. Mahoney was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive in handling my case. When going up against the federal government, you want someone who knows what they are doing and an attorney you can trust! Mr. Mahoney is that attorney. What would typically take a minimum of two to three years to find resolution, took less than a year! Thank you for dedication and honest input throughout the entire process. ~ Client "D3"1, Federal Criminal Investigator/Special Agent, GG-1811-13 Woodbridge, VA

    Client "D3" 1

  • John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law

    Exceptional Litigator and Professional

    I fully recommend Lisa Windsor for the exceptionally hard work she puts into a case. Lisa was relentless in pursuing every possible legal and administrative measure from Medical Boards to the BCMR. Her experience as a civilian attorney and former JAG makes her an ideal fit for those looking to correct a Federal error to their records. She worked hard to build a case, and in the process restored my permanent retirement as well as dignity and respect as a person, professional, and Veteran. Lisa exceeded all of my expectations and offered not only legal representation that resulted in a highly favorable outcome, but the support and help I needed personally and professionally.


  • John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law

    A “Super Star and Winner” all in one package.

    Mr. Mahoney, as a victim, when dealing with Equal Employment Opportunity Issues, it can be an emotional rollercoaster. The lawyer that a victim selects is very important. I have hired numerous lawyers in my lifetime for various things. Experience has taught me that a lawyer who takes out the time to “truly listen to a client” is a lawyer who will always tell their client the truth, as well as a lawyer who is always strategizing on the behalf of the client in good faith. A lawyer who is honest and a strategizer is a “WINNER”. I have hired some winners in my lifetime, but a “Super Star and Winner” all in one package. I have never had a lawyer like that until I met RACHELLE YOUNG. I remember the trial day like it was yesterday. I was very nervous, and Mrs. Young assured me that everything would be ok. She said don’t worry I got this! When my trial was over, and before a verdict was rendered; I knew that other lawyers didn’t have anything on Rachelle Young! I knew with 100% certainty that Mrs. Young had won my case. She won my claim for racial discrimination. She won my claim for sexual discrimination. She won my claim for violation of the Equal Pay Act. She won me six figures! Am I ecstatic “yes indeed”!!! I would recommend Rachelle Young to any EEO victim who is looking to win, and anyone who is looking for a Lawyer who is a “Super Star in the courtroom, and a Winning advocate for EEO victims!


  • John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law

    Ms. Young has been an absolute pleasure to work with!

    Ms. Young has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She is poised, calm, razor-sharp and professional when advocating her client’s case to agency attorneys and judges. She has a remarkable grasp of EEO law and regulations and has called upon those amazing resources in providing legal advice and services on my case. She was able to execute the exact strategy discussed at our consultation and get a sanctions award in a very short period of time. Her commitment to securing the best possible outcome for her clients is fierce and unwavering and you couldn’t ask for a better representative to protect your EEO rights.


  • John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law

    Attorney John Mahoney represented me in an EEOC case against a charge levied against me with a proposed dismissal from a federal government position, which I held for over two decades. Mine was a protracted process, lasting several years. Mr. Mahoney was always available to assist me in preparations for and during many hearings and depositions. He offered professional advice and guidance, directing me every step of the way towards finally winning the case. He was very attentive to all the details of the process, i.e., the deadlines for submitting various documents, proofreading my written statements and rehearsing my oral testimonies. I always felt very comfortable asking him questions in laymen terms and found him very responsive. When he left his previously held position at another prestigious DC law firm and started his current law firm, I transferred my case to him because I knew that he would continue to represent me facilitating a successful conclusion to my case. My family and I found him most personable, polite and very professional. I do recommend him highly, without any reservations. This former client was the Complainant in Complainant v. Secretary, Dep’t of the Army, EEOC Case No. 531-2011-00095X (EEOC Baltimore Field Office Admin. J. Shubow Mar. 31, 2015)(which became the EEOC’s Final Decision on May 15, 2015), a case in which Attorney Mahoney's Client was Awarded Nearly $330,000 by the EEOC.

    Client In EEOC Case No. 531-2011-00095X

    Woodbridge, VA

  • John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorney at Law

    After years of continuous discrimination and exhausting my Agency chain of command, I turned to Attorney John Mahoney for his expertise. John took my case and advised me of my best possible choices and outcomes. We resolved my case with a settlement that I am very satisfied with and believe I never would have been able to obtain without John's legal acumen and knowledge of the inner workings of my Agency. John really cares about his clients and getting the best possible resolution. ~ Client BB1 Department of Homeland Security Employee Herndon, VA

    Client BB1