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What to Do: Wrongful Termination as a Federal Employee

Federal agency employers can fire federal employees for several reasons, but that doesn’t mean feds are simply out of luck. Thankfully, federal work laws protect federal workers in scenarios where they are wrongfully terminated.

Depending on whether you were a probationary or a career tenured employee, you may file an EEO complaint, union grievance, MSPB appeal, or OSC complaint about your termination, but there are specific deadlines in most of those cases for starting your claim. In this blog post, Attorney John P. Mahoney Esq., reviews your options when wrongfully terminated as a federal employee.

Your Options when Terminated

Move on & Forget

Your first option is to accept the termination and move on. Some people would rather find a new job and work for a new employer rather than fight to stay on where they work. Unfortunately, your previous employer has no obligation to give you a good recommendation, and therefore, you may be entirely on your own to find more work.

Fight on Your Own

Your second option is to fight your termination on your own. While some employees can successfully resolve the misunderstandings that led to their terminations, many have a hard time making their cases.

When you’re terminated, you will lose access to emails that prove your innocence regarding claims made against you. Additionally, employers may threaten friends who worked with you to keep them from talking about your situation. Therefore, you may have little access to crucial evidence to defend yourself with, and when this happens, your employer holds all the cards.

Rely on a Professional

Your third option is to let an experienced federal employment specialist fight for your case on your behalf. While employers aren’t usually scared of employees who fight on their own, they fear attorneys like John P. Mahoney, Esq., because they know that attorneys can get results. If you’re ready to seek justice for your case, we’re ready to help!

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