Federal Performance Improvement Plans

What is a PIP in the Federal Government?

Federal employees are evaluated by supervisors every year, which are important to the employee’s career. If you hear you’re being considered for a performance employment plan, you should be wary: these are not always what they seem. Performance improvement plans are built as your federal agency giving you a chance to improve and grow in your position to help you succeed at your job. However, in our experience, performance improvement plans are usually the first step towards the demotion or removal of an employee, which means you should consult with an Attorneys early on if you are being considered for a PIP.

The Performance Improvement Plan Process

Your PIP process begins with a Performance Appraisal Period (PAP), which is essentially a chance for you as an employee to show your capabilities in your position. This can involve assistance from the federal agency you work at, which is given to you at the outset of the PIP period and continues throughout the process.

The whole goal of a PIP is to help you demonstrate your ability to succeed in your job. According to 5 C.F.R. § 432.104, a PIP is meant to “Afford the employee a reasonable opportunity to demonstrate acceptable performance... As part of the employee’s opportunity to demonstrate acceptable performance, the agency shall offer assistance to the employee in improving unacceptable performance.”

Despite the fact that they are usually billed as opportunities to help you succeed in your position, a PIP is usually the first step in your termination. In some cases, the outcome of a PIP is pre-determined, such as setting goals or requirements unattainably high. Likewise, these periods are usually 90 days in length and are immensely detailed. Thus, when the employee fails to improve, despite their best efforts, the result is usually removal from their position.

Terminated After Failing a PIP? You Can Fight Back.

If you are removed from your position after failing a PIP, you can fight back, however. A Washington D.C. federal employment attorney can help you determine if any of the following defenses to your failure are valid:

  • Your agency failed to give you “meaningful assistance” during your PIP period, as the law mandates
  • The issue your agency claimed you did not perform well on during your PIP was not listed on the PIP in the first place
  • Your PIP was impossible to pass (this one is fairly common)
  • Your agency made errors which show there was a conspiracy to have you fail

When any of these defenses are present, you may be able to file suit against your agency for wrongful termination.

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