Federal Employee Investigations: What to Expect & How to React

Federal Employee Investigation

Places of federal employment are typically quite strict when it comes to following regulations and codes of conduct. Any sort of deviation from acceptable standards will be questionable, and egregious violations could even trigger a federal employee investigation conducted by the parent agency.

A federal agency may decide to start an investigations due to reports of:

  • Discrimination against a protected class
  • Frequent harassment of one or more employees
  • Federal- or state-level law violations
  • Significant safety violations
  • Negligent management practice
  • Wasteful spending of agency funds

Knowing that an employment investigation is set to begin can be intimidating for employees in that agency. Even if you are not directly involved in the apparent controversy, you could be caught up in the investigation and potentially disciplined, especially if you say or do something that could make you seem guilty. Being able to anticipate the process of the investigation is the first step in protecting yourself from undue discipline.

How a Federal Employment Investigation May Be Conducted

Federal investigationFor most investigations involving employee conduct, the process starts with talking to all parties directly involved, including the person who made the report and those accused of wrongdoing. If the investigators believe there is authenticity behind the complaints, the next step will be searching for further evidence, such as email transcripts. Anyone who may have known about or actually seen the misdoings will then be sought for interviews and information. This is the step during which employees unaware of the conduct may get caught up in the investigation unwittingly.

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