Rep. Madison Cawthorn May Soon Be Subject to an Ethics Investigation

North Carolina Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn has been making headlines lately. As the youngest member of Congress and a rising far-right star, the politician has been accused of everything from sexual misconduct to insider trading.

Most recently, he was arrested for trying to bring a loaded gun through airport security – again. Due to his growing list of controversies, critics are pushing for an ethics investigation. A political action group called American Muckrakers asked the House Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate Cawthorn on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

Cawthorn’s List of Scandals

Sexual Misconduct

From the moment he started running for office, Cawthorn has been plagued by allegations of sexual misconduct. Former classmates accused him of making unwanted advances on them and putting them in uncomfortable situations. Over 150 former students from the congressman’s alma mater signed a letter, explaining “that his predatory behavior was well-known around campus and that women were warned not to be alone with him.”

He has also been accused of an inappropriate financial relationship with a younger staffer.

Lies and Racism

During his campaign, Cawthorn allegedly lied about a 2014 car accident that left him partially paralyzed and made false claims about being admitted to Harvard and Princeton.

After Cawthorn was elected, he commented on the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, predicting “bloodshed” and more “stolen” elections. Many of his comments during and after his campaign have also been interpreted as racist.

Insider Training

Cawthorn has also been accused of insider trading related to an anti-Biden cryptocurrency. Allegedly, the Congressman knew about a sponsorship deal between the Let’s Go Brandon (LGB) cryptocurrency and NASCAR before it took place and invested accordingly.

Anti-Ukrainian Rhetoric and ‘Sexual Perversion’

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the source of rare bipartisan unity, but Cawthorn has publicly called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “thug.”

Cawthorn also made strange comments about “sexual perversion” in Congress and discussed cocaine-fueled orgies held by fellow lawmakers. Notably, photos of Cawthorn wearing women’s lingerie emerged shortly after his comments.

Criminal Behavior

Off-the-wall comments aside, Cawthorn has been repeatedly stopped and cited for speeding – and charged with driving on a revoked license.

He has also tried to carry a gun through airport security – twice. Cawthorn first tried to bring a loaded pistol through a security checkpoint at Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina in February 2021. The behavior resulted in a fine.

Then, in April, Cawthorn tried to bring a loaded gun through airport security at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The police cited Cawthorn and took his weapon away.

A colleague has also accused Cawthron of bringing a knife with him to a school board meeting.

How Does a Congressional Ethics Investigation Work?

Congressmembers must follow rules and regulations while working and adhere to certain guidelines outside of work. If a member of Congress faces allegations of misconduct, the Office of Congressional Ethics may conduct an investigation and refer matters to the House Committee on Ethics.

If the matter escalates, the Committee will decide whether to conduct further investigation, impose sanctions, or dismiss the case. Should the House Committee on Ethics recommend terminating a federal employee, it must release its report and findings.

All ethics investigations go through a two-stage review and operate under strict rules of confidentiality.

When a congressional employee is under investigation, they will be notified. Sometimes, the investigative committee will interview them, as well.

Employees who are subject to investigation have the right to representation.

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